Working in the Netherlands! is an employment agency in the Netherlands which works for contractors and sub-contractors on construction sites throughout the Netherlands. You can find our craftsmen building hospitals, hotels, schools, houses and government buildings. We have Latvian / Russian roots and our family still lives in Latvia and Russia.

So we know our languages, but in The Netherlands you need to speak Dutch / English / German in that order.

We are looking for:

  • Heating engineer (houses and construction sites)
  • Plumbers (installation of toilets, baths, radiators, sewerage, rainwater drainage and gas fitting)
  • Pipe welders voor heating installations (gas welding, MIG / MAG / TIG)
  • Sprinkler (fire protection, with sprinklers)
  • Electricians (houses, buildings, data cables, network infrastructures, cable ducts)
  • Craftsmen for hot and cold water installations.
  • Craftsmen for building air ducts and climate installations.
  • Panel Builders


What do you need to have:

  • Working experience in one of the crafts listed above.
  • Diploma corresponding with your work.
  • Your own transportation (car, bus, etc)
  • Tools
  • Shoes with steel tips
  • Helmet
  • Good working spirit


What can people expect from us:

  • Free housing.
  • 2 days off each month from holiday hours
  • 8% holiday money (paid in May and December)
  • Housing will be inside 30 km of working place.
  • Payment every week


Airduct fitter

The air duct fitter will carry out al duct fitting activities form work orders and/or technical drawings. Such activities are installing, dismantling, replacing and performing maintenance on air duct systems. These systems are used for transport of air in buildings. The system consists of round piping, flexible piping, hollow tubular sections of steel or plastics. Diameters and/or sizes will vary. Performs under the direct supervision and responsibility of the Foreman, Contractor and/or Client.  












The independent installation of electrotechnical systems.
Electrotechnical activities in new construction, the utilities sector, and the industrial sector.
Performing maintenance and service as well as resolving malfunctions in electrotechnical installations.

Common activities include:

  • Cable and pipe installations
  • Data networks
  • Install switching equipment
  • Low voltage installations
  • Light lines installation
  • Cable gutters

Heating engineer (construction sites)

Heating mechanic you work on larger construction sites (large offices, commercial buildings, schools, health and government) and industry. You install and repair central heating systems and central water facilities (hot / cold). With the help of drawings, install water pipes. You are familiar with all techniques of bending, pressing and you can weld pipe (autogenous and / or TIG). Experience with 311 welding is a big plus



















Heating Engineer (houses)

As a heating engineer, you mainly work on the installation of central heating boilers in houses, install pipes and floor heating. You work on projects in both new construction and renovation of houses and small offices.

How to contact us:

Jurgen and Diana van der Scheer


Post: Zutphenseweg 27d3, 7418AH, Deventer

Phonenumber: +31 570 234 026